Bye Thailand

Apr 7th 6:11 PM - Bangkok, Thailand

We are both so sad to leave our new friends/family behind today! There were tears saying our goodbyes and we can't wait to see them in the future! Thailand was a blast, and we are excited to come back to Asia one day soon! We are both finally feeling 100%, just in time to come home. Looking forward to seeing everyone when we get home though :)

Thailand you've injured me, sunburnt me, poisoned me and destroyed my liver with your delicious Chang. You've also stolen my heart, see you soon. 

:) Evan & Roe 

Last day in Thailand

Apr 6th 5:55 PM - Bangkok, Thailand

Yesterday we went to MBK, a huge mall with 7 floors. We had planned to take the afternoon to relax and catch the new Batman vs Superman movie in the VIP theatre, but decided to try something else instead. Right next to the theatre was an escape room! Our group of 4 had 45 minutes to solve puzzles and unlock locks to escape from the "Maximum Security Prison". We didn't escape :( we were on the last lock but just couldn't find the code in time. It was so much fun and we can't wait to try it again. We shopped around in the mall for a while and then tuk tuk'd our way home. We had family dinner at Bombay Blues, an Indian restaurant and it was delicious! Unfortunately Roe finally caught a bug and had to go home early. I stayed out for a while longer as the group made our way to Koh San road for buckets, music, and a great time. Unfortunately... The bug also caught me and I had to go home earlier than planned. We spent all night being sick and this morning our stomachs were too weak to even enjoy a banana shake! We sucked it up though and went shopping for a couple hours and even got pedicures. Toeny loved the much needed scrub. Tonight we have our last family dinner and then tomorrow we head to the airport for the long flight home.

We are so lucky that we got to experience this amazing adventure and we can't thank everyone that we've had the chance of meeting and making friends with for the unforgettable memories. 

Can't wait to see everyone when we get home! 

:) Evan & Roe 

Muay Thai

Apr 5th 9:39 AM - Railay, Thailand

After a eventful day rock climbing we had an entire day to do whatever we wanted. We ended up sleeping in a little and then headed down to east beach to find some food. On the way Roe stopped to get a fancy coffee from the rock climbing shop. I got a chicken and spaghetti thing and actually managed to eat most of it and Roe got a ceasar salad that actually turned out to be good! We made our way back to the resort and got ready for sunset. (Naps). We grabbed some over priced beers from the minimart and headed down to west beach to watch the sunset. We were pretty early so we played frisbee and listened to music and had a good time on the beach. We ended up with around 15 people playing frisbee with 3 frisbees in a circle! Roe told me the sunset was beautiful since I totally missed it playing frisbee, oops. We went out for a quick drink and then called it a night.

The next day Roe took a Muay Thai class! She's got some serious skills and definitely can beat me up now. She learned all the basic moves including jabs, punches, uppercuts, elbows, knees, center kicks, side kicks, and most importantly how to block all of them too. After learning the skills with the instructor, Yaya, everyone got to spar against someone else in the class for a little bit of practice. Roe and Nikki went up against eachother and after one baby punch both got the giggles and couldn't pull it together after that. Some of the other sparring matches got pretty competitive though, but no one got hurt and it was all smiles after. A couple group members went later that night for a second round of training before sunset. We grabbed some pizzas from a little rasta bar on the beach, and then got ready for our last sunset in Railay. Same same, went to beach, played frisbee, watched sunset. I actually stopped playing frisbee long enough to see the sun set over the hills on the far side of the bay and turn the sky a bright orange before heading back to the resort for our last night.

Yesterday started our travel day back to Bangkok, we had until 3 to enjoy Railay before taking long tails back to catch some buses to eventually catch the night train headed north. We stopped at a mall for an hour and played arcade games like basketball toss and a racing game to kill the time. We've been drinking an obscene amount of banana and other fruit shakes this trip, at least one a day.

We just arrived at the Wild Orchid guesthouse in Bangkok after a bumpy night train back. Our room isn't ready yet, so we thought we would update you wonderful people at home! 

:) Evan & Roe

Rock Climbing

Apr 1st 11:51 PM - Railay, Thailand

Railay is awesome! It only took a short ferry to get here, which is so nice. We hoped off the ferry into some long tails that took us to the beach. There are no cars here either, only tractors that take your heavy bags for you! Our rooms are awesome. We have AC, which we haven't had since Bangkok, and we have a mini fridge! We also have Wifi in our rooms which is a bonus!
The view here is unreal! There is a pool at our resort at the top of the hill overlooking the ocean and the rock climbing place. I still have to take some pictures of it though! Just breath taking!
Today we went rock climbing and cave repelling. I could rock climb all day! ...Probably not, but it is awesome. It is so different than rock climbing in doors. Just so amazing. We might go back tomorrow and climb some more! Cave repelling was pretty sweet too! We climbed up what felt like a mountain, and saw the view point of Railay! I have never been more sweaty in my life. Everyday I say that I've never been this sweaty, but I really think that hike won. We got to the top, and repelled down. It was pretty easy haha :)
Did I mention that I did all these incredible things hungover?! The night before everyone went to a place called "The Last Bar" and drank our faces off. Evan went home a little earlier and only had one drink. He still isn't feeling 100%. It hurts my heart when he has to go home all the time! There is probably half of our group that is sick. There is some crappy bug going around that is stopping people from having fun! I hate it. Evan pulled it together and had an awesome day of climbing though!

Right now we are sitting on the floor drinking tea and playing cards! It's good to take a break once and awhile! Do what feels right with your body! :)

:) Evan & Roe

Koh Phi Phi

Apr 1st 9:26 PM - Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi is a much busier place than we've seen in a long time. There are no vehicles, only people- lots of people. We are staying at Tropical Gardens Bungalows which is tucked away from all the tourists. Koh Phi Phi is a great place to do scuba diving and you can just do a discovery dive. Evan has had a cold for awhile and couldn't do it, but I signed up. Three people had to volunteer for the earlier boat which ended up being me. It started out awesome, and I passed my skills test right away in the water, but it took the other girls a few tries to pass theirs. We ended up doing just a short dive for about 15 minutes and only saw a few fish. When we got back to our boat, one of the other divers felt sick and his limbs were going numb. They hooked him up to an oxygen tank and luckily one of the girls we were with was a nurse! We had to rush him back to Koh Phi Phi hospital. Unfortunately we didn't get to do our second dive and ended up getting some money back. The people that went in the afternoon group said they had an awesome time though and saw sharks and turtles! So jealous!

The day before diving the whole group went on a sunset boat tour! We saw monkey beach which was super cute! There were wild monkeys everywhere! We went snorkelling off the boat and saw some clown fish and were swimming with a school of fish! After snorkelling we went and saw "The Beach" where "The Beach" was filmed. There was tons of boats and people and didn't quite look the same as the pictures, but it was still beautiful.
Back on the island, lots of people went for tattoos! I got a small arrow on my ankle and another girl got me to write "follow your arrow" on her ankle. So crazy! Other than that, we spent lots of time eating and drinking and playing cards by the pool. There was also a swim up bar, which is always fun :) One of our people knows how to play Euchre, so we have spent lots of time trying to teach everyone else! Evan is still sick and is freezing cold right now while everyone else is sweating. He has some medicine from the pharmacy so hopefully he feels better soon!

Love you all so much!
:) Evan & Roe

Smiley's Lake House

Mar 29th 11:09 PM - Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

The day after SlipNFly we were off to Smiley's lake house in Khao Sok National Park. After a ferry and bus ride we arrived at Smiley's inland bungalows for a buffet and a night of cards and country dancing before heading out to the floating bungalows bright and early. We've been learning lots of new card games and can't stop playing Monopoly Deal.
The next morning we were off to the lake house for two nights living in floating bungalows. All of the bungalows were floating as well as the eating area and diving platform. After floating around in salt water for so long we forgot how to actually swim! The struggle was real. We wore life jackets upside down like diapers to keep us afloat so we could use our arms for drinking. The lake was hot. Like seriously warm. After sweating for so long we were looking forward to taking a dip in a cool freshwater lake, but no. We got to have so much fun with the locals working there including a sweet little girl named Nina who loved life. A couple of the leaders are amateur fire spinners and use light up balls that look super cool in the darkness. So we watched that for a while and then went off to bed.
We took the next morning pretty slow as we've both been battling a little bit of sniffles and coughing. But that afternoon we went on a hike to see the bat cave! We passed a 300 year old tree on the way, which was cool. As we slipped our way into the cave in the dark, we used our single headlamp to guide us. It was like, wicked dark down there. Along the cave we walked through some cold water, not like Alberta lake cold but still pretty cold. The roof of the cave was lined with thousands of sleeping bats, and the floor was littered with massive spiders. At least as big as the palm of my hand. They had glowing eyes so you could just see them on the walls too. Not a pleasant feeling being trapped in a pitch black cave with these giant demon spiders. After making our way out of the opposite end of the cave, we took the short-ish hike back to the boats. But we got to swing on jungle vines and had a blast!
That night the leaders set up a beer pong tournament for anyone wanting to try their hand at winning a free bucket. We were just finishing a game of sociables so the timing couldn't have been better. We we more than a little buzzed to start the tournament. With a total of sixteen teams, we had to win three in a row to make the finals. After a rocky start in the first game, we got our shit together and swept the floor with the next two opponents! The final game was something out of a movie. At least 40 people crowded around a table chanting, yelling and betting on the game. We won, of course and claimed our bucket cup! We celebrated and danced the night away in and out of the lake.
We left the next day on our way to Koh Phi Phi, where I took this awesome picture of the boat ride back. We are so amazed by all the views we constantly get to see here, even between locations.

:) Evan & Roe

Slip N Fly

Mar 28th 11:17 PM - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Our last day in Haad Yuan we went to Slip N Fly! Crazy fun! They had these two massive slides that you go down and hope that you don't belly flop lol. The smaller slide launched you further, and the big slide made you go crazy high up! I tried each slide only once, because I was getting scared after seeing the bruises on some of the other guys from landing funny. It's like being slapped by a bear. People were trying back flips and front flips and our leader even got a free shirt for being the first to do a double back flip! Boom! You could also win a free drink by sinking a ball in a hoop when you go off the slide! We only saw 2 people successfully "sink for a drink". The ladies could also get extra free drinks by going down the slide topless. There were lots from our group that actually did that lol.

At some point in the day they had a big mud pit at the top of the hill for tug of war. Our free and easy team lost miserably, but we drank anyways. There was also gladiator flights over another mud pit. Our firefighter group member dominated in the mens, and his girlfriend (also a firefighter) dominated in the womans. Power couple! Evan and I didn't compete lol.

There was also beer pong and pool in the bar overlooking the slides. It was fun to watch all the rookies doing belly or back flops. There was a lifeguard that would help all the injured to the side of the pool. Crazy fun day :)

:) Evan & Roe

Full moon

Mar 28th 10:53 PM - Haad Rin, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Sorry we haven't posted in awhile. We have been going to beautiful places and there is no wifi anywhere. Full moon was a blast. There were 54 of us in the group who all made it until sunrise. We had plenty of buckets, 711 beers and breezers... Buckets are for sharing! Thankfully our leaders told us what to expect before hand because full moon is crazy. We saw plenty of people getting injured by the events that they had there. Broken ankles, fire burns, and pretty much everything. We all stuck together though, and no one in our group got hurt, or drugged. Evan was fading for a bit but he made it all the way till sunrise, which is a big deal. We didn't go to the beach until midnight and danced till 7:30AM. So crazy!

After full moon was dead day, which turned out to be another party day... Obviously. I took a nap when we got home from the beach (obviously), while a few of the others stayed up and continue to drink and play games. When I woke up, everyone was drunk and still partying hard. They played beersbie, sociables and all sorts of awesome fun things. It took me awhile to get on their level, but I did it. Success! We love swimming in the ocean with beers in our hands, it is awesome. Dan, you were right! Haad Juan is beautiful and we will definitely be back one day.

:) Evan & Roe

Full Moon Party

Mar 22nd 4:45 PM - Haad Juan, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Our first official day of our trip we got up early and took a water bus through Bangkok to Wat Pho temple. It is the biggest temple in Bangkok and the burial site for previous kings of Thailand. It is also the site of the Reclining Buddha, a gigantic golden statue. Yelli, the Free & Easy guide gave us an awesome tour and knew everything about everything, including the full name of Bangkok which is just nuts. I'll let you all google that.
After the temple we all got Thai Massages, which were painful. On the bright side I think I am a little taller after being streeetched out. That night we took the night train and a couple ferries until we arrived at Koh Phangan. Busy first day.
The night train was much nicer than the night ferry. We had own own bunks with curtains for privacy and even managed to get a couple games of cards going in the bunks.
Koh Phangan is paradise. Sticking together has a whole new meaning here. We are constantly sweating. The beach we're staying at has warm crystal clear turquoise waters, it's like being in a swimming pool. So far we've spent two nights lounging in the ocean until the bars closed. We spent an afternoon doing a scavenger hunt through Haad Rin and gearing up for the FULL MOON PARTY tonight!!! Today's itinerary is nothing but naps and eating, and then taking a long tail boat back to Haad Rin around midnight to start the party. Very excited to try and make it through until sunrise!
We also played Marco-Polo in the ocean. So. Much. Fun!
After the full moon party is "dead day", so we will have some free time to tell you all about the party!
By the way, this is Toeny and Evan drinking a beer on the beach!
Love you lots xoxo
:) Evan & Roe


Sawasdee House

Mar 18th 3:17 PM - Bangkok, Thailand

We are sweating our asses off. We made it 4 hours in the heat before we had to come back to our room with AC. It's way hotter here than in the Philippines. 

This morning we had to break up our big bills, so we all bought beers at 711 and shotgunned them. From there we went to the pharmacy to get some antibiotics... Everyone is sick. We should all be healthy in a few days. :) 

We are meeting up with our new group tonight and then leave Bangkok tomorrow afternoon. We might hold off on the shopping until we come back here in 20 days. 

:) Evan & Roe 

Never goodbye, only farewell!

Mar 17th 3:54 PM - Cebu, Philippines

Happy St. Patricks Day! Today we left our family that we've had for the last 20 days. There are only 3 people that are joining us for the next 20 days in Thailand. There are also a few girls doing the 10 day Thailand trip, so we will get to see them for a few more days too! 

After spending 20 days in the Philippines, we have been continually amazed by this beautiful country and it's people. We hope that Thailand takes our breath away as much as the Philippines has. 

We are currently sitting in a freezing cold airport waiting for our flight to Manila and then Bangkok. We arrive there late tonight, and get to meet one of our leaders and a few other members. Hopefully we can chat over a bucket (a drink) when we settle in.  

:) Evan & Roe

Bye Siargao

Mar 15th 9:58 PM - Cebu, Philippines

Hey! Just headed to bed for the night in Cebu after a quick flight from Siargao Island. Much better than the overnight ferry. 

Sohotan Island was amazing! Easily the softest beach I have ever set foot on. The sand felt like fresh brown sugar. On our way there, we stopped at this little Island called Naked Island. You can walk around the whole Island in under 3 minutes and is basically a big beach in the middle of the water. The water was so beautiful! So many shades of On Sohotan Island we spent the night in our own little bed bungalow just feet from the rising tides. There were all sorts of bugs and they ran out of mosquito nets...  Did I mention that there were rats everywhere? It was definitely an experience. The next morning we went swimming with some harmless jellyfish, and some that were not so harmless. I'm glad everyone else likes the movie Finding Nemo, because we both can't stop quoting it. Taking on the jellies! Then we went swimming through underwater tunnels to hidden caves filled with bats. Just so cool! 

After that awesome day, we turned our catamaran into a party catamaran for the ride back to Siargao. We drank an obsene amount of rum. Then we got home and continuened the drinking with everyone! Luckily it was a travel day today, so I didn't have to miss out on to much fun.  Still trying to get over this hangover. Today after dinner a bunch of our group went and got tattoos. Neither of us got tattoos,  but a few of the other people did.  So awesome! 

We are having so much fun and are planning for future trips already! 

:) Roe & Evan

Yard Olympics

Mar 12th 9:08 PM - Siargao Island, Philippines

The last couple days have been awesome. Everyone plans their day with whatever they feel like doing! I (Roe) went surfing yesterday morning, and it sucked lol. There were so many people trying to learn at the same time, and there were no waves. I just paddled around for an hour, and somehow lost my fin. Loathe entirely.... I will try again tomorrow with Evan as my instructor :) 

After a mid-morning nap, a few of our group members took the 15 minute walk over to the golf resort. Evan and I were in the second group so we got to hang around the awesome pool they had there. Usually they don't allow outsiders in their pool, but Free and easy have a connection everywhere we go, so we always get special treatment! We played 7 holes in our bare feet in the freaking hot sun. Scores don't matter, right? That night we went and did arts and crafts at this awesome little bar, and they had 2 for 1 beers. Yes, please! Naturally we ordered 2 each, because they were only 50 cents a beer. From there we all went to the jungle party which they have every Tuesday and Friday. Music, dancing, drinks, and some questionable street food are all part of the experience. We dabbled, in all of it. This morning was rough. 

This morning Evan went surfing and graduated from paddling academy. He got up all by himself and got totally pitted! Surfing is awesome! We will take the GoPro out tomorrow to get some gnarly surfing pictures. 

This afternoon we played competitive Lawn Olympics. There were four teams of four, each had their own team name and chant. We shotgunned beers, played musical sarongs, did competitive yoga, and tried to limbo. We are currently drinking rum and coke and are about to watch Finding Nemo. Everyone is still hurting from the jungle party. 

Oh ya, somewhere in there Evan jumped off a bridge into the ocean haha. It was deep so don't be worried but it was super cool. We might go back so I can try it out. 

Tomorrow we are heading over to Naked Island for lunch, and then heading over to a different island for an over nighter! Super exciting! Shayla and Luke (our leaders) have an awesome surprise that they won't tell us about, so we will fill you in later! 

Miss you guys, we will talk soon! Xoxo


:) Roe & Evan

Surfing is hard

Mar 9th 6:21 PM - Siargao, Phillipines

We took a motorcycle taxi to some natural tide pools this morning. The ride was a little erksome, but we made it. After walking through some rock puddles we came across some awesome rock tide pools that we could dive and swim around in. Pretty sweet. Every time we see something amazing in this country I say that there can't be anything else, and then we see something else. Totally amazing!

I (Evan) rented a surfboard today, thought I was cool enough to go surfing on my own. Surfing is hard. I paddled around for two hours and managed to make it about 50 feet, in the wrong direction. There's this thing called a current that's only mission in life is to push you away from the surfing area, and I hate it. I got a longer surfboard which is supposed to be easier so... We're waking up early tomorrow to try again. I'll let you know how that goes. 


:) Evan & Roe

Siargao (Shar-gow) Island

Mar 8th 5:02 PM - Siargao, Philippines

Hi family and friends! We finally arrived in Siargao after a 34 hour travel "day". We took a plane, multiple buses /mini vans, an over night ferry and another 3 hour ferry to get here and it was worth it. We are spending the next 7 days here and it is beautiful. We can't decide if we want to rent a surfboard for the whole 7 days, because surfing is hard lol. Our ribs are still recovering from our last lesson. We will keep you posted on all our adventures here :)

The whale sharks were awesome! Evan got some pretty wicked pictures and videos of them. Those fish are just huge and take your breath away when you see them! There is an instructor on each boat that takes care of 6 of us. He leads you around in the water and makes sure you get to see them. I almost had a panic attack because he grabbed my arm to follow the whale shark, and I looked down through my leaky goggles and this giant animal was underneath me! Just huge! I can't even. It was so amazing! This is the only trip that goes to see the whale sharks all year! 

Later that night we took a pontoon boat down a river to see the fireflies! So beautiful! We woke up the next day ans it felt like it was just a dream!

Evan's burn started peeling yesterday, so that's nice... And a girl on our trip taught me how to do those hair wraps, and it's my new favourite thing! We went to the mall to get string, and I've already wrapped my headphones and power cord! It takes a long time, so the 34 hour travel day was the perfect time to practice.

We are having a blast and can't wait to see and do more amazing things!

Love you all so much, talk to you soon.

:) Roe & Evan 

Majestics Surf Resort

Mar 5th 4:55 PM - Catanduanes, Philippines

We arrived at the resort early in the morning but because of the long travel day, we had no sense of time. So when in doubt, miller San Miguel time! We checked in and took a quick tour of the beach and resort, and booked some surfing lessons for the afternoon! 350 pesos ($10 CAD) can get you surfboard rental and lessons for an hour. After a quick dry land lesson we hit the waves in the pouring rain! We both managed to stand up and ride a few waves! We went to bed early that night because surfing is hard.

The sun came out! We also learned that the sun doesn't have to be out to burn us pasty white Canadians. Even in the pouring rain, we were both burnt from surfing.

I'll write some more later. We just arrived at our next resort in Donsol where we will see the whale sharks tomorrow. 

:) Evan & Roe


Rice terraces of Batad

Mar 1st 12:19 PM - Banaue, Philippines

Hello! Just got back from our hike in and out of the rice terraces of Batad in Banaue. After a quick ride on top of a Jeepney, we hiked for a little less than an hour into the town of Batad. We had lunch and some beers and continued the trek along the Terrace walls to get to Tapiya Falls,  about a 30 m waterfall in the mountains. We were sweating our asses off, so a quick swim was awesome. After the hike back our legs were ready for a break. Someone's step counter was at 130 flights of stairs for the 3 hour walk. 

Back in the town we had supper, played a few games and took an early night to get ready for the early hike out. The view from the hostel was amazing.  We were perched on the side of a mountain overlooking the terraces with clouds rolling in and out of the valley. I can only imagine what pictures someone with proper photography equipment could get. 

Today we'll take a night bus back to Manila where we will catch a flight to Catanduanes. So sleeping and snacking are in sight. 

:) Evan & Roe 


Good Morning from Manila

Feb 28th 8:09 AM - Wanderers Guest House, Manila, Philippines

Hi everyone! 

Jet lag is a real thing. We are really trying to force ourselves to stay awake at night, but ended up going to bed around 8:30PM last night. We have a big day ahead of us so hopefully the beer will help pull us through. 

Everyone in our group has finally arrived, so tonight will be the first night we are all together. So exciting! There are even a few people going to Thailand after with us :) There isn't wifi for the next couple days, so we will update you when we can. 

Thats all for now! Talk to you soon :) 

:) Evan & Roe 

We have arrived!

Feb 27th 4:33 PM - Manila, Philippines

After all those hours of flying, we don't know what day/time it is. But! We found out that beers are only $1.. So we have that going for us, which is nice. The flights weren't too bad, we managed to sleep through most of it. We still feel like we're missing a day. As soon as we landed we were greeted by Patrick, one of our guides. After a chaotic cab ride to to the Wanderer's Guest house,  we enjoyed a couple cold ones and went bowling. After another couple cold ones we are back at the Guesthouse, trying to stay awake until we can get over the time difference.

P.S. There's a rooster on the street outside our room...

Having a blast! 

:) Evan & Roe 

Three more sleeps!

Feb 22nd 11:02 PM - Edmonton AB, Canada

Hi Everyone! We couldn't be any more excited and nervous for our big trip! Only three more sleeps! We want to thank everyone who has been a huge help in preparing us for this adventure. Especially our amazing family and friends, for throwing us a surprise going away party! We are so grateful for all of you and we will definitely stick together!

We leave Edmonton Thursday night and will be busy packing until the very last second. We will have more posts for you as soon as we arrive! Maybe there'll even be wifi on the plane!

:) Evan & Roe